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In the construction industry, our reputation precedes us in exceeding expectations. At Kemp, we look for ways to bring the “wow” factors to our clients. We do this by integrating leading edge technology, communication, cost estimating, quality control and safety. These factors support the longevity of our client relationships and repeat business.



Kemp uses digital documentation, communication and reporting tools on every project. These tools help to connect the architect, owner, contractor and subcontractors so that the most current information is available to all team members. By using the best available technology in the industry, stakeholder concerns are constantly addressed, field efficiencies are continuously improved and trade productivity is enhanced.

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Communication is key when it comes to delivering quality projects on time and within budget. Our teams focus on establishing the right lines of communication early in the process to ensure everyone is on the same page. Kemp supplies each job trailer with a touch screen TV and a project specific dashboard for access to current project control information. This dashboard provides all team members with 24/7 computerized access to project status information, including progress photos, submittals, RFIs and construction drawings.



Quality control is extremely important in safeguarding the value of our client’s investment. Kemp’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) program is applied throughout the construction process to ensure that materials and equipment arrive at the project as scheduled, labor is available, and installations and assemblies are performed in accordance with the design specification requirements.



At Kemp, safety is our first and foremost responsibility on every project. We ensure our field team and subcontractors have the proper PPE, training and tools to keep the project running smoothly. We hold regular safety orientation meetings on the jobsite, as well as weekly and monthly superintendent safety meetings at Kemp’s headquarters. In addition, Kemp requires and facilitates annual safety training and certification renewals. Safety awareness is built into our company from the top down, reinforcing and rewarding safety efforts on our jobs via our “No Bull” safety program.

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“Working with Kemp on the LAUSD Grover Cleveland Charter High School design-build project has been fun and rewarding. Our teams have created an environment that is healthy and collaborative. We’re all part of the process that is building a lasting monument for the community of Los Angeles.”