Plans are available electronically by contacting Kemp’s estimating department. Kemp Bros. Construction, Inc. (Kemp) is an equal opportunity employer and encourages participation from MBE/WBE/SBE/DVBE/OBE’s. The above information is provided as a courtesy and every attempt has been made to ensure its accuracy. Kemp is not responsible for errors or omissions in the above information. For changes and/or updates to this section please email us at Kemp may require all subcontractors bidding on projects to provide payment and performance bonds in the amount of 100% of the subcontract value. Kemp will assist with the bond premium up to 1.5% of the original contract amount for the duration of the project. Kemp may waive the bond requirement at its sole discretion. The payment and performance bonds must be issued by an admitted surety within ten (10) business days of the receipt of the Subcontract Agreement from Kemp. Kemp shall be named the obligee and shall guarantee prompt and faithful performance of the subcontract scope of work and the payment of all claims for labor and materials furnished or used in and about the work to be done and performed under the subcontract agreement. When so requested, failure by the subcontractor to provide the requested 100% payment and performance bonds within the time allowed may be reason for Kemp to request substitution of the subcontractor in accordance with Section 4107 of the Public Contracting Code. Kemp’s listing of a subcontractor is not an acceptance of any or all of that subcontractor’s conditions, qualifications, exclusions or exceptions included in the subcontractor’s bid proposal. The subcontractor agrees that its bid will remain valid for the same period of time that Kemp’s bid must remain valid with the owner, as specified in the project’s specifications. Each listed subcontractor must execute Kemp’s standard subcontract agreement if Kemp is awarded the project; the standard subcontract is available for review on Kemp’s website. If the project is subject to a Project Labor Agreement or Project Stabilization Agreement, subcontractor, by submitting a bid proposal, acknowledges the requirements of such agreements and further agrees to adhere to all of the requirements therein as provided in the bid documents’ General Conditions and Supplemental Conditions.